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Wisdom and Human Freedom …………………..!

What is Thirst ?

What is thirsty How to ask for anything keeps a person anxious all his life. How many types of thirst are there? Water thirst, thirst for wealth, woman’s thirst, thirst for fame, thirst for power, thirst for authority and domineering … How do humans cut each other’s neck in a thirst for power? How does the thirst for love make you hang on to yourself? What is this? What are these feelings? How do they rule humans all their life? How does this thirst rise? How can this be achieved? Can a human being ever be fully irrigated or only irrigated when God makes human beings visible to him and assures him of his being? Thinking of this, man is shaking. So it is better to seek refuge in simpler topics.

In fact, no matter how big a person is, he is a prisoner of his prejudices. One of the problems with older people is that people around them always support them, but it is also a fact that the human brain can master one or two areas. For example, a property dealer can easily fool a great deal of scientists. Many big scientists prove to be simple in the ordinary course of life. Scattered hair and wrinkled clothing.

When we want to make a comprehensive comment on the world, we must explain two things.

1. What is the Universe?

2. What is life ?

A living cell, a growing tree, a snake, and even a living germ. When scientists look at life, they are surprised. The 92 elements that make up the universe are scattered everywhere, but how did some of those elements become a living thing? This is a question that keeps scientists struggling all their life and does not allow Sikhs to breathe.

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Complexities in DNA

There are so many complexities in living things that we can look at their DNA, divide them from one cell into two. Male and female distribution in living things, male and female interest in each other, giving birth to offspring. When looking at all these things in detail, there are millions of details in each cell and their survival and offspring, all of which are so detailed that human beings are left wondering. It is as if a human being goes into a forest and a very beautiful and intricate building is erected there is no doubt that there was an intelligent creature who built it.

Then man searches for it everywhere but he does not find any. Now he thinks that to benefit from this building, but it is necessary to assume that the building itself is built. Because if the presence of an architect and an owner is recognized, then man cannot use it. He has to keep in mind that as soon as the original owner arrives, the building will have to be emptied. In the same way that the complex building of our body cannot exist on its own, but the problem is that if we recognize the presence of God, then we have to withdraw from our desires and be able to live our own lives. Don’t live – just sit and drink water. Bismillah is to break the mark, to earn from lawful deeds, not to overdo one, to not spoil one’s dignity, etc. Such commands have to be acknowledged that man is tempted to think why the existence of God cannot be denied. That way I will be able to live my own life. What God is giving orders to stand in front of, and there is no immediate punishment.

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When we are surprised !

In the same way, when a human being carefully observes the world around him, his surprise is constantly increasing. The house we live in is made of cement made of mud brick and stone. These clays and rocks are scattered all over the earth. Iron is also used in this house. This iron has been excavated from the ground. Wood is also used in it. Wood is carbon. Thus the universe has a total of 92 elements. Everything in the world, whether it is the sun or the earth or human or fly, is made up of some of these 92 elements. 99% of the human body and brain are made up of hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, carbon and oxygen.

For example, bones and structures are made of calcium and phosphorus. In the same way, if a person becomes a bipolar patient, then one element is called lithium. Calcium is given to those whose teeth and bones become weak. Iron deficiency in a person’s body takes iron. What bothers scientists so much, is that some of these 92 elements have to be merged into a living cell.

And human beings somehow agree on this, but then of the five billion creatures of different types (past and present) in the history of the earth, only one is wise and the other is not? Then it begins to study the sciences of a living (human) world. The idea of ​​the beginning and the end of the universe also seems to offer ideas. It also looks at hydrogen burning inside the sun. The atom also breaks down and absorbs energy. However, all other creatures do not go beyond giving the timely reaction to anything with the help of five senses. This in itself is another great surprise and it is a situation that without the recognition of a great planner, the talk cannot go on, but then the point is there.

If the planner (God) believes in homosexuality, my body wants me and all other human beings .The Divine will have to give up and if a great scientist even believes in the existence of God, then in this environment of human freedom, a storm will rise against him worldwide. This is the situation in which the big scientists, instead of acknowledging the existence of a great planner, agree on this whole story of life and intellect. They shed their lives by saying: “When we look at living things, it seems that the universe can do anything.” Wonderful that she can do anything that is weird and lifeless, on which no other creature has ever commented, except humans.

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Wisdom and Human Freedom ..!!


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