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When and how Carrington event occur?


About Carrington event

In 1859, the largest solar / earthquake magnetic storm recorded on the earth, which caused much damage to the telegraph and other electrical systems, it was viewed by 2 British astronomers “Richard Carrington and Richard Hodgson.” As discovered, this phenomenon is also known as the Carrington event.

In the eighteenth century, human beings were on the path to development but there was not as much innovation as today. But if a storm of this magnitude happens today, our technology, defense systems, communications, and other electrical factors will be adversely affected, and their effects will leave the world at least fifty years behind.

In today’s article you will find out the causes and other important facts of this storm.

Solar storm

The sun contains gases and emits different types of radiation. A solar storm is triggered when a solar flare (rising from the solar flare / particle with energy from the surface of the sun, which is attached to the sun) rises. A powerful solar storm consists of clouds of plasma containing charged electrons, protons and helium, hydrogen and oxygen, with speeds of millions of miles per hour.


 Solar flare electromagnetic radiation contains K-Burst, which includes Radio Views, Gamma Rays, Ultraviolet and X-rays .When the rays enter the Earth’s limits, they ionize the outer atmosphere. People are safe on Earth, but (satellites) and other devices are affected.10-20 minutes after the initial flare comes a wave of energy-rich protons comes. After 10-30 hours a (CME) hits the Earth’s magnetosphere, causing blackouts and masses in most parts of the earth and people witness (Aurora borealis) style lighting.

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Automated rescue of land

You all know that the earth itself is a magnet, and its magnetic field is called a magnetosphere. Magneto Sphere does not allow most of the rays emitted from the sun to enter the Earth’s limits. So there are many chances that earth is save from another Carrington event.

When next Carrington might occur?

Carrington event occur after every 150 year and the last Carrington event lasts 160 year before as per year 2020. So it is another chance that next event will occur son. But we don’t need to worry, because as compare to last event we have latest technologies which can predict the next event and our scientists will put effort to safe guard the all satellites in the universe and our Earth.

Does Carrington Storm (Solar Storm ) effects earth ?

Our earth self guard its atmosphere and does not allow rays to enter in atmosphere.

Explanation of some terms

• (CME stand for “coronel mass ejection”)

The outer atmosphere of the sun is called the discharge material. It consists of discharge-charged particles, and can be seen, as they reflect light.

• Atmosphere

These are layers of gases present around a planet or star.

• (Aurora)

The green light seen on the pole is called the light.

When and how Carrington event occur?


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