What is White Hat SEO? 10 Best Tips to Rank # 1 in 2020

You will know about the importance of SEO for bringing website in rank. SEO is always given top priority in blogging and due to this people are also successful in ranking their articles on search results. Putting efforts in SEO is as important as we do when writing unique content on the blog. Even after working hard due to not doing SEO properly, you are unable to rank your article on the search result, that is why today I have mentioned this article about White Hat SEO, one of the important factors of SEO With the help, you can rank your blog in a short time.

Being updated about SEO while blogging is the key to the real blogger’s success. Why your ranking does not depend only on how many views come, but it depends on the factors that are present in Google’s search algorithm, due to which we understand SEO well and rank our blog. So if you also want to rank your blog like other bloggers and want to increase your domain authority, then it becomes very important for you to know SEO.

Note: Tips are applied for both WordPress and Blogspot users.

What is SEO?
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process in which you have to put everything like keywords, tags, images, keyphrases right into your blog article by following the search engine rules and regulations. Because if you insert keywords and headings higher than the limit without knowing SEO, or you will not place the right place, then Google crawler downs your ranking from search results by convincing your post as a Black Hat SEO.

To avoid this, you have to understand White Hat SEO properly so that you do not make any mistake while writing the post and insert the keyword in the right place in your article.

SEO is directly related to the Google search engine as it decides which posts to bring to the first position and which page to rank down from the search results. If you follow the search engine’s rules properly and do SEO in your article, then soon your post starts appearing in the rank.

If you understand Google search engine well in White Hat SEO, then your article follows the guide lines of Google and comes to the first position, but if you make a mistake or use Black Hat SEO in a short cut way, then It also has a bad effect on the domain authority of your blog and on your blog as a partner.

The method followed in Black Hat does not follow any rules of Google policies, so you should know about the difference between Black Hat and White Hat, so that you do not get disappointed by mistake in the beginning.

In order to rank the blog, first of all you should know about the search engine how it works, along with SEO and their factories so that you can understand SEO better and earn your name by going ahead in the blogging field. Can.

What is Google Search Engine and how does it work?
So friends, without losing time, we first understand the difference of these two factories and know what happens in White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO in the end? After that we will also know about the best tips of what white hat SEO is and how to do it, but first we understand its difference.

What is White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO
These are both SEO techniques in which one improves the ranking of your blog, and the other covers the blog ranking below the search results.

White Hat SEO – White Hat SEO is a technique in which the guidelines of the search engine or the rules of their search program are followed. In which the legal SEO of the article is done by understanding how the search engine works.

In easy language, you have to publish your post by trusting Google by doing SEO of this article.

Black Hat SEO – On the other hand, Black Hat SEO is a technique that is absolutely apposite. Understanding SEO, bypassing the google page ranking algorithm in which your article is ranked in a very short time by vilifying the search engine policies.

In both of these techniques, your articles appear in the top on search results, but the difference is that SEO is used correctly in one and SEO is misused by countering Google’s search program.

Do read it

Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO Difference:

What is White Hat SEO
In this technique, you have to adopt the simple method, in which by doing keyword research on each article properly, understanding the SEO of another article and applying it to the right place in your article.

You will be surprised to know that more popular or famous blogs follow this technique and by applying On Page SEO in the article, they bring their blog ranking to the top.

If you also want to go ahead and become a famous blogger, then you will have to adopt the same technique. Because the more you put efforts in it, the sooner you will get success.

Always remember this point:

Success is not the end, failure is not fatal
It is the courage to stay engaged.
_Winston Churchill

In White Hat SEO, as much as the audience is targeted, the search engine is also targeted. In this, more importance is given to organic traffic.

By using this technique, you can run your blog for a long time and make your own identity on the Internet.

However, in White Hat SEO, it takes a long time to get results, some 1 year, some 2 years, some 3 years and no timeline, as in 1 month you will start getting good views. . The only good thing in this is that if you work hard, you get a lot of efforts, then you will get success at some time and your blog will not do any harm by doing such SEO.

Therefore, give full 100% efforts in every article and publish so that you can easily Dominate any already famous blog.

How to do White Hat SEO (20 Proven Tips)
After knowing what is the White Hat technique, now I will tell you about the best strategies of how to do it, after which you will also be able to easily rank your blog on Google search.

  1. Write High Quality Articles
    Before coming to this blog, you must have read that Content is King, Content is King. So even here I will not lie, why according to me, the content really matters in your blog and because of this it is called King.

The first thing you have to do in this technique is to deliver your quality content to the people.

Because you have to understand here that through your article here you are passing the information to the people and if they did not like that information, or if you bore them in the beginning then they will go to other blogs. Therefore, you have to make the article more informative and user friendly so that any person reading it can easily understand the article you have written and they do not feel it while reading it.

Apart from this, if the language of your article is not understood by the front and there is a lot of mistax in it, no matter how much SEO you do, your post can never be ranked. Why content has a direct impact on the traffic of your blog and because of that your bounce rate also increases, which causes the rank of posts as well as other articles to be down.

Quality Articles Tips:

Try to write more in any article, but also make sure that the reader is not bored.
Divide articles into short paragraphs.
Highlight important keywords or sentences
Use Heading Tags Correctly
Place the hyperlinks in the right place so that traffic will also come to the other article.

  1. Keyword Placement in Article
    In any topic on which you are writing an article, you will have to insert keywords in the right place with the correct frequency, only then your article will be able to rank on those keywords.

If your article is of 1000 words, then you have to use that keyword 20 times.

Keyword density formula-

article length (ex 1000 words) x 1 to 2% / 100 = 20 keywords in 1000 words of articleCopy
Best Free Keyword Research Tool – https://ahrefs.com/keyword-generator

Keyword Insertion Tips:

For example, if your keyword is White Hat SEO,

Add White Hat SEO Keyword to Title
Then insert it in the first paragraph too
You have to add it in the lower description and also in the headings (H1, H2 etc).
Do not use keywords in all headings (Only 2-3 main headings)
Inserting keywords in more than 50% of descriptions is the right place.
For this, to check the density above, in the Word Counter tool, check the length of the article and then apply it in the formula.
Best word counter tool – click here

For this, you can see my article as an example.

  1. Blog Page Load Time
    No matter how well you have written your article and put all the things in the right place, but if your page (website page) is not loaded in a few seconds, then the reader goes to the other website and due to this your domain But the trust of people also starts to decrease. Because they feel that this blog is not loaded properly, thinking about why to waste time on this website, they go to another website and read the information.

This reduces traffic, in addition to which the ranking of your article also goes down. So if you are using WordPress or any other platform then take care of this.

Tips to reduce load time:

Host a website at a good web hosting company
Also do images optimization in the article (you can use tinypng.com for image compression).
Use Cache plugin (Personally recommended WP Rocket)
If you are using Blogger, then there is no need of cache plugin, Google automatically does it.
Always check load time in GTmetrix and also fix errors.
For image optimization I will recommend you the WP Smush plugin

  1. Page Title
    You must have felt that if I write the title with my mind, it will work so that if it starts catching more eye then brother it does not happen. Because while doing SEO, you have to take care of eye catching titles as well as keywords.

for example,

What is my title – White Hat SEO? 20 Best Tips to Rank # 1 in 2020 (✓)

What is your title – white hat seo and how it brought the ranking of the blog to number 1 (X)

So try to make your title look good with your main keyword so that the person who is searching will find the title attractive and wants to read the article and click on your own page link in the search result.

Page Title Tips:

Always put keywords in the first position
Length should not exceed 55 words
Don’t confuse reading the title, always keep it simple and sweet.
Learn how to do it from other blogs

  1. Meta Description
    The importance of the title in the article is as much as the meta description that appears in the search results. If you are using Yoast SEO in WordPress, then your meta description gets automatically added, but on platforms like Blogger you have to manually insert it.

Meta describes length of description in SEO, so do not write it as long as a long paragraph.

Apart from this, what will happen inside your article should be found by your exact summary so that they click on the link of your article.

Meta Description Tips:

Use keywords in meta description
Description length should not exceed 155–160 words. (Can use Word counter tool)
Meta description Engaging and eye catching is important.

  1. Images and Alt tag
    While writing a blog, it is also necessary to add and SEO the image, so always insert an image in the article so that your article and user friendly look.

Images have also become part of SEO due to new updates from Google. For this, you have to give title and alt tags in the featured image or whatever image you have inserted, in which you will also have to use the keyword.

On reading this, you must understand how important keywords are for ranking.

Being an image, the Google crawler scans your article from the alt tag of the image to better understand the topic of your article and analyze it and get your page ranked on that keyword.

Images and Alt tag Tips:

Compress the image before inserting it
The option of placing alt and title tags in the image is available in both Blogger and WordPress, so do not skip putting these tags in error.
Don’t forget to insert your keyword in alt tag.
Suppose you have 10 images, then do not use keywords in all, otherwise it will be called Black Hat SEO, for this you can keep a ratio of 50% in it.

  1. Length of Article
    Along with the quality article, you also have to increase the length of the article. So try to write more than 1000 words in the article and also keep in mind that you do not have to add anything that makes the reader bored. Meaning that while writing, do not go astray while staying in the same flow. Because its direct effect is seen in the article as well.

Use this tool to check the length of the article – Word Counter Tool

Length of Article Tips:

Whatever you want to write, always remember that you do not have to compromise in the length.
Always try to write more than 1000 words
Increase the length does not mean that you will add any other topic in your main article. So take special care of this matter.
While blogging, bring your Ego in the middle because you will say that I will show everyone how to increase rank even when you write less. So there is no doubt that your post will come in the rank but I will not guarantee that you will get traffic and success in it.

  1. Build Do-follow and No-follow Backlinks
    These are backlinks that go from your website to another website or from other website to your website.

Due to taking backlinks from the quality website, traffic comes to your blog, along with it, the authority of your domain also increases, due to which your articles quickly start ranking on Google.

Do-follow- Any blogger is always behind the increase of do-follow backlinks because if a link is coming in your website from another website and that website is better than your website, its ranking is also better then search The engine gives this type of link value. Meaning that the more quality backlinks you have, the better the benefit you will get.

No-follow- This kind of backlink does not affect your website so much, why it is no-follow and because of this the crawler skips this link while scanning another website and it gives no value to your blog. Could get it. This means that such backlinks only serve to increase traffic.

Do-follow and No-follow Backlinks Tips:

Try to take backlinks only from websites with quality and high ranking.
While writing the article, you must insert at least one external link inside the post and keep it do-follow.
You can take help of medium or article submission websites to get do-follow backlinks.

  1. Focus Mobile First
    While writing a blog, you have to make your article mobile friendly. Why targeted users can be from anywhere and if you keep a desktop friendly theme, so that your articles will look good only in desktop, then it can have a direct impact on your earning. So before making a blog, keep these things in mind.

And now it is not the same as before, now more traffic of Google’s search is going mobile first and then later on desktop. So if you do not have a mobile-friendly page, you can probably lose your ranking on SERPs (search result page).

Mobile Friendly Tips:

Use premium theme only
After writing the article, you must check it on your mobile.
Keep the color combination user readable.
Whichever platform you are using, first understand all the features of that platform and then make a blog so that you do not think later why you chose it.
Do not change the theme or template again and again.

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