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Difference between Dark matter and Dark energy

dark mattar and dark enrgy
dark mattar and dark enrgy

Dark Matter and Dark Energy ,the mysterious universe.

Most of our universe is hidden from our eyes. According to most astronomers, the dominant part of the universe consists of the Dark Matter and Dark Energy, though we cannot see or touch it. But it is all around us, on the right and left.

What is the difference between Dark Meter and Dark Energy?

To summarize, think of Dark Matter as something that prevents the expansion of the universe, while Dark Energy has the power to accelerate the expansion of the universe.

 How let’s see.

The Dark Matter acts as an attraction force you think of it as cosmic cement which is connecting our universe. This is how the Dark Matter interacts with gravity, which holds the material in place, but it does not absorb, reflect, or absorb light that it does not see. Dark energy, on the other hand, is a one-time force. A kind of stubborn attraction – accelerating the spread of the universe at every moment.

Dark energy is a much more powerful force than a dark meter, and it makes up about 68% of the total mass and energy of the universe … Dark meter 27%. And the rest ,Yes, only 5% .It is the substance and energy that we see and act, that is, the visible universe.

Dark meter

In the 1930s, Swiss-born astronomer Fritz Zwicky observed close to a thousand galaxies in the ‘comma cluster’. He identified a strange phenomenon .The galaxies were moving so fast that they had to be separated from the cluster due to their high speed, but they were not doing so. He thought there was probably no visible object or substance that binds them.

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Decades later, a few astronomers, Vera Ruben and Kent Ford, observed the same phenomenon as they studied the motion of stars in galaxies. According to the rules of motion, the stars that lie on the edges of the galaxy should be rotated slowly from those stars that are located near the center of the galaxy. The same thing happens in our solar system, that is, the stars away from the sun slowly and nearby stars rotate faster. But in the galaxies they were witnessing, the matter was reversed. The rotation of the stars at the edges was faster than the stars near the center.

 What was all this?

 Robin and Ford also found some similar evidence to prove that an invisible substance was holding all the stars in the universe, yet the stars at the edges did not break apart from the galaxy despite sharp rotation. Are getting

“Even the stars at the edges were rotating faster.” Robin once said in an interview. “There must have been a huge amount of substance attached to these stars, and they should not be separated, but no such material was visible there. That’s why we call it Dark Matter or Dark Matter.

Astronomers now have evidence from several other sources that prove that the Dark Matter does indeed exist. In fact,the existence of the Dark Matter is so widely acknowledged that it has also become part of the ‘Standard Model of Cosmology’, which provides the scientific basis for understanding the origin and evolution of the universe – without which we cannot offer scientific justification.

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But this outrageous claim put pressure on scientists who have been observing the universe to look for the proof of the Dark Matter and prove that their universe model is correct. For decades, physicians around the world have been looking for evidence of dark matter with the help of advanced technology, but to no avail, no such evidence has yet been found.

Dark Energy

A century has passed since scientists discovered that our universe is expanding. With the help of binoculars, the galaxies were moving away from each other, which clearly meant that they were closer or closer together in the past. As a result of this observation, the Big Bang theory came into being. However, scientists thought that because of the attraction of stars and galaxies, the universe’s expansion would gradually slow down over time. And probably at some point this spread will stop, and the universe shrinks to the end, under the influence of their attractiveness, called the ‘Big Crunch’.

But in the late nineteenth century, this notion became even more troubling in the last century, when two astronomical teams identified a phenomenon in the universe that could not be justified. Researchers studying supernovae in distant galaxies have discovered that distant galaxies are increasing distance from each other at a much faster rate than our closest galaxies. Means… The universe is not just spreading. On the contrary, its spread is getting faster.

“My own reaction was somewhat amusing and frightening.” Astronomer Brian Schmidt, who heads one of the two research teams, said in an interview with the New York Times in 1998. “The surprise was because I was not expecting such a result, and the reason for the fear was that I knew that the vast majority of astronomers would not believe that … which is not as strange as mine. Were extremely skeptical of the expected results. “

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But instead of being rejected, further observations further strengthened Dark Energy’s assumption. In fact, some of the most prominent critics of the Dark Matter now acknowledge the existence of Dark Energy.

What is Dark Energy?

Now all this does not mean that the researchers know that what is Dark Energy? Although he cannot explain the nature of dark energy, it can certainly clarify its role in the universe, and it is all about Einstein’s general theory of evolution. Einstein himself was not aware of Dark Energy. But his equations told him that new space could exist. And to support his theory, he added a recruiting constitution called the cosmological constant, just to explain why the universe could not shrink inward or outward. It is unique that Einstein has always regretted the addition of Constant. According to it, the vacuum is not empty, but it contains a lot of energy. Scientists have not yet been able to observe this energy on Earth.

Some optical scientists think there is a whole world of unseen particles and forces that are yet to be discovered which are made of Dark Matter and Dark Energy .Not yet known, but apparently they seem to be joking in the universe. One is pulling stars and galaxies inwards and the other toward the outside.

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