What is Google Keyword Planner Tool? How to do Keyword Research

Do you also want to bring your post to rank using Google Keyword Planner like me?

Have you just stepped into the blogging world?

If yes, to get your blog in the rank you have to do the most important thing and that is keyword research. If you do not know how to do Keyword Research and which tool to use for it, in this article today I will tell you about the most used Google Keyword Planner Tool in the blogging field so that you can do keyword research in free You will be able to rank your post.

What is Google Keyword Planner? How to do Keyword Research in this
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What is Google Keyword Planner?
By the way, Google has not created a separate website for Google Keyword Planner Tool, because this tool is a part of Adwords, where for those who want to promote their website or YouTube aids on Google, they have created it for keyword research so that Ads promoted by individual promotions were easily shown on Google search.

But as it is Google’s tool, so anyone who has a Gmail account can login to his account without promoting or use this tool for free without spending any money.

Google Keyword Planner This is a tool with the help of which you can easily find out the rank of the keyword related to any topic without spending any money.

Not only this, you can also see the daily visitors, monthly visitors or yearly visitors count of that keyword in it.

Apart from this, you can also check for which keywords the competition is low or high. By filtering the keywords searched there according to your own, you can choose the relevant keywords for your post from there so that your post can quickly rank on Google.

How to create an account for Google Keyword Planner
To do Keyword Research in this website of Google, you must have an account in it. And here you will not have to take much trouble in creating an account because you can easily create an account in it from your existing Gmail account too.

So let’s see step by step how to create an account and do keyword research in Google Keyword Planner Tool.

Step 1: First of all open any browser and search google adwords. Or you can also open the website by putting ads.google.com directly on the address bar.

Official Website – http://ads.google.com

Step 2: After searching, you have to go to the homepage of that website by selecting first or second option from Google search result.

Google Keyword Planner
Step 3: After going to the homepage, you will see two options on the right side (Navigation bar) –

Sign in
Get Started
Google Keyword Planner
Here, you click on any one option, which will open the next page, where you will be asked to login.

Note: If you are logging in for the first time then you will have to login it from the desktop or else you will get stuck in a step after login. Because the option to go to the dashboard is only visible on the desktop browser. You will not be able to see it even by opening desktop mode from mobile.
This happens only at the time of creating an account for the first time, later you will be able to access it from mobile as well.

Step 4: After clicking Get Started or Sign in you will have to login with your Gmail account, otherwise you will not be able to create Adword account.

Google Keyword Planner
Step 5: After login, the page which will be opened, you have to click on Skip to Expert Mode and skip.

Tip – Switch to Expert Mode option will not be visible on mobile, so set up the account on the first time desktop.

Google Keyword Planner
Step 6: Only use this page if you want to advertise your website or YouTube page with money. Here we are only going to do keyword research, so you have to skip this page as well.

Google Keyword Planner
Step 7: In future you can also promote your website or YouTube channel, so in this page you have to set Country and Currency and click submit button.

Google Keyword Planner
Step 8:
Our account has been created here, so click on Explore your campaign button to go to the dashboard.

Google Keyword Planner
Step 9:
After the dashboard is open, you have to click on the Tools & Settings link on the Navigation bar at the top.

Google Keyword Planner
Step 10:
Here you will see a lot of options, but you have to click on the Keyword Planner link in the planning section.

Google Keyword Planner
Step 10:
On this page you have to click on the right arrow -> of the Discover new keywords card, which will open our keyword search page.

Google Keyword Planner
How to do Keyword Research on Google Keyword Planner Tool
In Google Keyword Planner Tool you can do your keyword research in 2 ways-

  1. Start with a website
    In this section, you can do keyword research by searching Google on the related keywords of your post and putting the URL of the website that ranks in it. From the website’s address, this tool will automatically detect the related keywords of your keywords and will show the keywords ranked accordingly.

Google Keyword Planner
Result of Best blogging Niche Keyword –

Google Keyword Planner
In the above screenshot you can see how many average monthly page views are on which keyword and also on which keyword you can get maximum CPC, which keyword is more for competition and less for which keyword.

You can also filter keywords according to your own by clicking on the filter option.

Google Keyword Planner
How to choose the right keyword from Google Keyword Planner List
After searching the keyword, you will be shown a list of monthly visitors there. From that you have to choose the right keywords for the blog post so that your post will be able to rank on Google.

Like the screenshot below, you will see rank wise keywords there. Among them, you will find a similar to your blog, on which more Avg. Have monthly searches and copy the keyword with low competition.

Google Keyword Planner
After copying that keyword you have to add it in the title and in the first paragraph of the description. With this, whenever your post crawls on Google search console, Google will know about your topic and what it is about and accordingly your post will appear on Google search.

Keep in mind that you have to use the long trail keyword in your blog post so that automatically your short trail keywords will also be ranked on Google.

To understand this, we take this post only, here Google keyword planner tool or Google Adword keyword planner tool will be your long trail keyword and in that only keyword planner, Google keyword planner will be your short trail keyword.

If any person will do such a search on Google by a keyword planner, then your post will also appear in the search result, because no matter how long your title is, it includes that keyword. So always try to use the long trail keyword so that your post will quickly rank on Google.

I hope you liked this article of my Google Planner Keyword. If you liked this article, then share it with your friends and on social media so that everyone can learn how to use this keyword planner tool.

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