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Tips every girl must know about Hair Care!


Hair plays 30% of role in our personality building. Beautiful hair leaves good impression on others that are why proper looking after of hair is necessary. Healthy hair scalp leads to healthy hair development. The hair scalp requires same care as requires the skin. Only shampooing is not enough for proper hair caring.

Oil , food and exercises for hair growth

 Let’s have a look on don’ts and do’s that are required for proper hair management.


 Ensure to give your hair a trim to avoid damaging. As hair demands trimming within certain period. It removes split-ends and damaged hair. Due to trimming hair will grow faster as hair breakage is less.

According to experts your hair should be trimmed every 10-12 week. But if you have a stylish haircut, like Bob, it can vary as it requires more maintenance. For the first trim, it should be 1 inches to 5 inches, ideally.


It’s very important to keep your hair tidy. It removes dirt, peeling of the skin and scalp. Experts agree on the point that daily hair washing is a healthy habit but still it can vary. If the scalp of a person is naturally oily then shampooing and washing hair daily will be beneficial for him but a highly oily scalp can have fungus by washing hair daily.

We can use shampoo and conditioners for this purpose. If you don’t wash your hair for a long time it will cause hair damage, prohibits hair growth and cause hair splitting and falling.

Ø Good diet:

 Diet and nutrition plays significant role in hair growth and hair protection. Having a good diet fulfills the demand of keratin protein found in our hair. The key to grow hair faster and healthier is your balanced diet. Good diet includes:

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· Eggs:

Eggs are source of protein and biotin. Biotin is actually vitamin B that makes hair scalp healthy. Both are such nutrients that promote hair growth. Hair follicles are made up of mostly protein. Eating eggs fulfills the need of protein required by hair follicles and it also meets the need of biotin. People with biotin deficiency are suggested to eat eggs to improve hair growth.

· Berries:

They contain beneficial compounds and vitamins that lead to hair growth. They are composed of vitamin C which produces antioxidants that protects hair follicle from damaging. Blue berries and straw berries both are loaded with such compounds and antioxidants that cause hair growth.

· Spinach:

Including spinach in your diet also promote hair growth as it contains folatile iron and vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin A involves in production of sebum that moisturizes the hair scalp. It also deals with hair fall as it removes the iron deficiency which causes hair fall.

· Fatty fish:

Eating fatty fish is also a hair guarding ingredient as it contains omega-3 fatty acids that may play role in growth of hair. Fish oils help to open hair follicle and prevent hair falling. As it contains omega-3, it doesn’t let the scalp dry.

· Sweet potato:

They contain vitamin A and they help skin in sebum production. They also contain vitamin E that has antioxidants characteristics, effective for hair growth. But The American Academy of Dermatology has found that consuming too much vitamin A, included in sweet potatoes, can cause hair fall.

· Avocadoes:

They are antioxidants that promote hair growth. They are enriched with vitamin E and B. According to Livestrong “which work at the cellular level to protect and strengthen hair. Vitamin B [biotin] is essential for hair growth. Vitamin E helps repair damage on the scalp, which may slow or prevent hair growing.”

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· Nuts:

They contain vitamin E, B, zinc and essential fatty acids that play key role in hair care. They promote strong, healthy and silky, smooth hair. Good nuts like walnuts (include omega-3 fatty acids and biotin) and Brazil nuts (contain selenium that boost up hair growth but too much amount can cause hair fall.) Almonds (contain magnesium and other nutrients that promote hair growth.)

· Seeds:

 Seeds contain vitamin E. some seeds also contain omega-3s. Having seeds in the diet also performs vital role in hair’s look after and nourishment. Flax seeds (contain omega-3 fatty acids that are necessary for hair growth also deals with hair nourishment of hair follicles). Pumpkin seed (that include cucurbitin, an amino for hair growth.) applying pumpkin seed on scalp can nourish it.

· Sweet pepper:

They contain vitamin A and C. It increases blood circulation in scalp that triggers the blood circulation. Just boil a few red bell peppers in water for up to 5 minutes and when it gets cool massage the scalp with it and rinse after 15 minutes. Ø Applying hair oils: Hair oils work as such factors that enhance hair growth rate. Hair oils are crucial for the aim of hair care. Here are some oils that are important for hair treatment and development.

· Argon oil:

It is useful for dry and crimp hair. It makes the hair follicles strong. They contain antioxidants that are involved in cell production. It not only grows hair faster but also makes them thick and strong. Just put few drops in your hair and massage once to thrice in a week.

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 · Coconut oil:

It is functional for all types of hair.it moisturizes dry hair and deals with many hair problems like lice, dandruff etc. It prevents breakage of hair and split ends.

· Macadamia oil:

It is for extremely dry and damaged hair. It gives shine, support, strength and nourishes the hair follicle. It is very useful for frizzy and tangled hair. The curly hair which are the most difficult to style, macadamia oil helps to moisture and nourish the hair and also provide natural to hair.

Ø Home-made hair dressing tips:

  • · Applying warm oil on hair.
  • · Use rice water as a shampoo and rinse.
  • · Using eggs on hair also make them smooth and shiny.
  • · Onion juice on hair enhances the growth. It also makes hair shiny and silky and it also deals with hair problems like baldness.
  •  · Green tea on hair is also beneficial for hair protection. Use it as much as you can. Ø Precautions for hair guarding:
  •  · Avoid washing your hair on the regular basis.
  • · It is crucial that your hair product must be sulfate and silicon free.
  • · Shampooing on hair should be gentle.
  • · Conditioners should apply only on the ends of hair.
  •  · Always use cool water to rinse hair.
  • · Wash your hair brush daily.
  • · Hair brushing should start from ends. Brush the ends first so that untangling may get easier and hair splitting will also be decreased.
  • · Do not sleep with wet hair. When your hair is wet, they are at their weakest therefore you should dry your hair before going to sleep.
  • · Never comb your hair when they are wet.

 Ø Exercise:

Exercise betters the blood circulation so the required nutrients and oxygen reaches to scalp immediately. It enhances the rate of hair growth. As exercising increases the body temperature that causes sweating which helps the hair follicles to open up that promote hair growth.

Tips  every girl must know about Hair Care!


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