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The world’s 8 most expensive poisons!

Expensive Poison
Expensive Poison

Some time ago there was a scheme in Pakistan that you have probably heard about, which says that if you catch a poisonous animal and give it to a specific firm, then you will be rewarded with millions of rupees , Cobra snakes, and certain lizards.

These firms say that we catch these animals because we have to prepare medicines from them and we have difficulty catching ourselves on a large scale, so we put this task to any ordinary person which we pay well for catching the desired animal.

When people who were hunting these animals before were asked, their answer is that we give these animals to the catch company and the company makes a special drug by killing these animals, so they has set the price of.

I know this because a friend of mine went on a poisonous scorpion, and after 3,4 months of exhausting labor, he got a black scorpion, but by then the company had left the country.Well the purpose of all this was to tell you that you probably have heard about this before, but why would any firm pay so much money on hunting these animals and these animals are actually worthwhile in this article.

There are many poisonous animals in the world that have always been used for various purposes. But there are some animals in the world whose poison is extremely deadly as well as very rare and precious.

When it comes to the poison of eight animals in the academic market, this ranking comes first.

1- Deathscalter Scorpion venom

By the way, scorpions are all dangerous. But the Death Scalator Scorpion, also known as the Black Scorpion, is the world’s most dangerous scorpion breed, and a drop of its poison can kill a human.

But the question is, who can buy its poison despite being so dangerous?

Research has shown that the death scalpar scorpion poison has the potential to fight cancer cells. In addition it also provides information on the location and structure of the tumor.The latest research has also shown that this scorpion poison can also cure malaria.

But not even a drop of his poison can buy a common grain. Its 100 mL poison is worth around Rs 15 million while a gallon of water is worth up to $ 39 million!

And yes if you think it is easy to collect and remove poison then you are totally wrong because one scorpion can only extract 2 mL of poison while the other thing can only be removed by hand but If the poison went inside you, your death is sure!

2- King Cobra Vanom

King Cobra

King Cobra is one of the poisonous snakes and King Cobra’s poison is considered a deadly poison that can kill an elephant if it kills a human within 30 minutes. Removing this poison is an extremely difficult task and there will be only a few people in the world who know how to cure King Cobra’s poison.

But despite being extremely dangerous, why is its poison expensive?

In 2005, a scientist Professor Kenny conducted a study on King Cobra’s poison, and found that it contained a protein Ohanin that could control the central nervous system of humans and relieve pain, causing King Cobra. K-poison is used in high-impact high-intensity painkillers, and that is why it is so expensive.

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King Cobra’s 100g of poison is reported to cost more than 88m and gallons at $ 533,000!

3- Coral Snake venom

Coral Snake

Although thin and very beautiful, Coral Snake is a very poisonous snake, which is the second deadliest poison in snakes after Black Mamba, which costs $ 4000 per gram of Coral Snake venom.

Coral snake venom is used to treat many ailments. According to research, coral snake venom has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

4-Brown Snake venom

Brown Snake venom

Unlike coral snakes, the Australian brown snake (pseudonaja) is a highly poisonous snake, considered one of the poisonous snakes in the world. Even the youngest snake can transmit poison inside a human being that can kill a human!

In the international market, one gram of brown sink poison is available for about $ 4000.This deadly poison is used for anti-venom preparations and for laboratory research.

5 – Desert Death Adder

Desert Death Adder

An Australian-based Desert Death Adder (Acanthopis pyyrhus) comes in two intriguing colors, with the red and yellow one of the deadliest earth snakes in the world.Its Neurotoxin Leiden Poison is available for $ 3000 per gram.It is used in highly valuable poison diagnostic tools and useful medicines

6- Bubbling Kassina Toad

Senegal Running Frog

Also known as Senegal Running Frog, this frog-colored frog contains immunity to the skin. A. The ultra-thin sludge poison cassava costs $ 1600 per gram, which is why it is called cassava.This valuable chemical plays an important role in the construction of rapid gut tissues.

7-Funnel web spider

Funnel web spider

One of the most dangerous spiders in the world is a fungal web spider with a scientific name (Macrothele raveni).Makes a poison that costs $ 1350 per gram.

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The costly poison of this bloodthirsty hunter has the characteristics of fighting cancer, anti-liver and obesity. The cost can be further evaluated because of its potential to fight poison pain, epilepsy and stroke.

8-Cone snail

Cone snail

In addition to its luminous glow, cone snail is a hard-to-kill worm that injects poison into its prey with a flawless effect. The poison costs up to $ 800 per millimeter. It is 1000 times more potent than prialt morphine and non-addictive.Due to its unique properties, its poisoning business is widely regarded as profitable and profitable.

The world's 8 most expensive poisons!


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