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The Incredible Raw Food Diet


 Incredible Raw Food Diet

What do you mean by Raw Food? Raw and “Living” Foods so to say are Fresh uncooked Food which include Fresh from the farm or Fresh from the Orchard. It includes Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Seeds, Sprouted grains, which can be eaten whole, Raw and uncooked.
In this hectic, modern life of today, our world has forgotten the very essence of nature, and its bounty. It has only been after the onslaught of various incurable or fatal diseases and ailments that humankind has got up from its dazed slumber, and is trying to clear the smog of blindness that was pulled over their eyes.
Fast food, junk food, packed, and tinned food had always been the need of the hour in our hectic world but with the ill effects of such food, their additives, and the fast deteriorating lifespan of humans we are now waking up to a new tomorrow which in fact was our past. I could write a thesis on this topic but time and space confines me to a brief overview.
Lets take the case of simple Fresh Raw Cucumber. With almost more than 90% of its content being pure virgin water along with its nutrients and cooling effects can give you better sleep and calm than any modern day sleeping pill. Try eating a nice plateful of fresh cucumber, slightly chilled in the freezer, and also place thins slices of cucumber on your closed eyes after a tired summer day, and I can guarantee you, you will fall off to a blissful sleep in just a wink of an eye! The cooling effect on the eyes is so strong as it draws out the heat from the eyeball, that if you touch the slices before and after you have placed them on your eyes you will find the shocking difference in temperature, be shocked to see the slice all dried up due the heat from the eyes, while deep inside your eyes you will feel so cool that you will barely be able to open your eyes.
Now imagine the effect of an array of Fresh Uncooked food taken as a meal. Fibrous Raw vegetables like Raw Radish, Spinach, Spring Onions, Lettuce, have enough of Fiber to literally brush out all the toxins from our intestines. They act as mild brushes that clean our intestines. The inner linings of our intestines many a time gather a layer of partly digested food leftovers, which can if undigested and flushed off, cause internal toxification. Raw Beetroot, Tomato, and fresh leafy salad can give us all the required Iron, Calcium, proteins, Fats, Carbohydrates, Minerals and Important Elements such as Potassium, Calcium, Sulphur, Phosphorous, etc, which are so important for our body.
Eating Raw Vegetables and Fruits gives you another advantage, in that you could eat whenever you want, and just as much as much as you want, without having to bother about your calories, besides having your body heal, de-toxify, increase your energy and freshness of body, mind and soul, while making you feel younger, and fitter than before. I could in conclusion only say “Try it out yourself to believe it”. It will make your world a whole lot of good!
The Incredible Raw Food Diet

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