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10 Key tips for weight loss for women


10 Key tips for women to loss weight in easy steps

Being overweight could lead a person to obesity and obesity could create high health risks. Following mentioned are the key tips for weight loss for women:

1-    Cut down for carbs

The refined Carbs are the extensively processed foods which have reduced amounts of micronutrients and fibers in the final product.  The carbs based foods are responsible for increasing the sugar levels in the blood; moreover, they increase hunger and ultimately lead to increased belly fats and more body weight.  This is why the first thing to be done by women is to cut off the carbs food like there is pasta, bread, and all the prepackaged foods. You should try to opt for whole grain foods like barley, buckwheat, brown rice, and oats.

2-    Do resistance training

You should try making resistance training a part of your daily routine as it is important to build your muscles and to increase endurance.  This is very much beneficial for the women who are above age 50 because this resistance training becomes helpful for burning the fats even when the body is at its rest state. This also is helpful for preserving the density of the bone mineral so that the body can be protected osteoporosis.  You can start doing gym or do weight lifting exercises on your own.

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3-    Increase water consumption

For weight loss, water consumption in sufficient amounts is necessary and this is proven to be one of the most efficient ways of losing weight without even putting in so much of efforts. There has been a study conducted according to which the more the consumption of water is made, more calories are burnt in the body.  According to several studies, water consumption before meals leads to weight loss and it also reduces the calories consumed in the body.

4-    Consume more protein

While you are planning for weight loss, you should consider consuming more protein-based foods like meat, legumes, dairy, eggs, poultry, and seafood.  Various studies have been conducted which show that how high protein diet can be helpful in cutting cravings and increasing the feeling of fullness in a person. Moreover, these foods also boost the level of metabolism of the body in a person.

5-    Follow a sleep schedule

Various studies show that having enough sleep is important in getting a normal weight.   Normal sleeping schedules are equally important as a healthy diet and exercise.  Sleep deprivation is highly linked with increased body weights and increased ghrelin levels in the body. Gherlin is the hormone in the body which stimulates hunger and increased ghrelin level in body increase the hunger as well.

At least sleep for seven hours is important for women to have easy weight loss. It also improves overall sleep quality.  

6-    Increased cardio

Cardio activities are also known as aerobic exercise which increase the heart rate and ultimately burns extra calories in the body. Various studies have shown that increased cardio activities lead to more calories burning in the body which leads to weight loss.  Doing cardio for about 20 to 40 minutes a day helps in reducing your weight.

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7-    Keeping a food journal

You can keep a food journal with you which are most probably the best way to keep track of your meals schedule and this way you can better keep yourself accountable for your eating habits.  This is also a simple way for you to count your daily calories intake for better weight management.   This food journal can help you in being sticky to the weight goals you have made.

8-    Fiber based foods

When you make fiber a permanent part of your diet, your stomach starts feeling full.  This is regarded to be one of the most used strategies for weight loss for women.  Only if you increase the intake of fiber in your foods without changing much of your eating habits can help you in losing your weight in a normal time span.  You can try different foods which have fiber in them like seeds, whole grains, seeds, nuts, vegetables, and fruits.

9-    Try mindful eating

Mindful eating is important while you are on a plan to reduce weight. Mindful eating helps in reducing distractions during meals.  While you are having your meals, eat slowly and eat putting attention to the look, smell, feel and taste of your food.  This is a simple practice which you can follow to have better and healthier eating habits and helps you in losing weight as well.

10-    Snack smarter

You need to select low calorie, healthier snacks which are also regarded to be an equally best way for weight reduction. This also helps in minimizing the hunger levels of a person. You can choose protein and fiber-based snacks so that healthier eating habits could be adopted.

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10 Key tips for weight loss for women


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