What is JavaScript, CSS and HTML?

What is JavaScript- Today, whatever website you see on the Internet, JavaScript is used in all of them. Many people only know its name but do not know what JavaScript is, why it is used, how it is used and how it is used.

If you open a website on a browser and if that browser does not support JavaScript, then your website starts having problems loading, due to which you are asked to enable JavaScript by the browser.

Not only this, but it is a language without which any website is incomplete.

We have read about HTML and CSS in the previous article that you can create a website by using those web languages, but you can only design and design a website on which information is provided, such as a blog or tutorial website.

But this is not enough for any website. It needs javascript to make it interactive.

for example-

You have to hide or show any information.
Disable right click in website
Website has popup
Automatically changing images
Having the arrow on the button make his size workable
Login and registration forms
Display of any kind of animation, timer, clock, audio, video website
Some common websites-
Online image compression, resize, crop websites
Logo maker websites
SEO keywords checker, analysis websites like, ahrefs, moz
Google search engine algorithm
There are millions of websites where this programming language is used. I cannot tell you by giving an example of every website here, because almost all websites have to use JavaScript.

According to a research, JavaScript has been used in around 95.2% (1.52 billion) websites.

What is JavaScript ?
JavaScript is a famous most used Scripting or Web Programming language. It is also called client side scripting language, as its source code is processed by the client’s web browser instead of the web server.

JavaScript does not communicate with the server in any way while opening the website. This means that JavaScript works only when your website is fully loaded and opens on the browser.

Take the login or registration form for example. Why have you registered here by clicking on the registration button without ever entering details? Whenever you keep a field blank, the form asks you to enter information in that field, and only then you can register.

Client-Side vs Server-Side JavaScript
In addition to using JavaScript on the client side, it is also used on the server side.

Client-Side Server-side
Runs on the user’s browser or on a computer. It runs on a web server, eg apache, php my admin
The source code is visible in the browser. The source code is not visible to the user because here HTML code is fetched from the server side.
Used for user validation and functionality of the website, it is used to access data from business login or database.
It depends on the browser and their version, there is no role on the client side as it is fully accessed from the server side.
How to use javascript
It is a scripting programming language that never works alone. Just like tea cannot be made without leaf tea, in the same way you cannot use this language without HTML.

Therefore, any developer or website builder must first have knowledge about HTML and CSS.

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Like other scripting languages ​​like PHP and ASP, you can insert the code of JavaScript anywhere in the HTML web page.

This is how you can understand JavaScript –

HTML – which refers to the content of web pages.

CSS – which design webpages of HTML

JavaScript – which shows the behavior or behavior of those websites. Meaning that when the user input is given, JavaScript responds to that exact input. For example login form.

How does it work
Whenever a visitor opens a website on the Internet, his request goes to the browser and the browser checks the website’s server or validates it and then sends the output of the request to the user from which the website is loaded.

Now when this happens, the computer server or browser also appends the JavaScript code to the browser with the request of the HTML webpage, so that the browser checks the javascript on its side and if it is enabled on the browser then only the website Know how to load.

Whatever JavaScript functions will be able to work only if the browser has been given permission by the user to access it.

How to Enable JavaScript on Chrome Browser
Step 1: After opening the Chrome browser in the computer, click on the “⁝” button at the top right and select the option with settings from the list and click on it.

Step 2: Click on the Privacy and security option from the sidebar menu and click on the “Site settings” button.

Step 3: Now go to the Content section and click on “JavaScript”

Step 4: After this, turn on the Allowed (recommended) button, which will enable JavaScript in the Chrome browser. (follow screenshot)

enable javascript on chrome
Simple JavaScript Example
As I said, you can insert it anywhere in the HTML page. Therefore, all you have to do is write the code inside the tags.

Example: Popup alert

You can insert the above code inside both head tag or body tag.

Here I have written a function and given it myPopup () name or id.

I have given the same id by creating a in the HTML page, so clicking on the button will call this JavaScript function and you will see an alert box on the screen.

History of javascript
The JavaScript programming language was created by a person named Brendan Eich for the Netscape Navigator search engine project in just 10 days, and you might not know, but before the arrival of Google, Netscape Naviagator was the most popular search engine of the 1990s.

After popularizing Netscape worldwide, Mitchell Baker and JavaScript founder Brendan Eich, along with the same company, also invented Mozilla firefox, which we still use to surf Google.

JavaScript was first named Mocha, followed by Livescript and finally now we know it by the name JavaScript.

Most Commonly Asked Questions.
How to download JavaScript?

Ans- You cannot download it because it is a script code that you have to write yourself. Meaning that you can create any JS script as you like. Whatever code of JavaScript you find on the Internet is created by people themselves, such as Bootstrap.

Is JavaScript free?

Ans: JavaScript is an open source free project. You can use it wherever you want.

How to enable JavaScript on computer or mobile?

Ans: There is no need to enable it because it is already enabled in computer, laptop, tablet.

Is Java or JavaScript the same?

Ans: Java and JavaScript are both different. We understand this in detail

What is the difference between Java and JavaScript
A lot of people have confusion in the beginning as to whether Java and JavaScript are two sides of the same part, then here let me tell you that there is nothing in common between the two languages, it is completely independent and their work is different too. .

Java JavaScript
Compiler is required to run this language, we can run JavaScript anytime, and it does not require any kind of software.
mainly used for back-end mainly used for front-end
Used for both core business logic UI and core business logic
Its syntax is different from JavaScript. JavaScript’s syntax or code is different from Java.
It requires more memory to run, it is much more lightweight than Java, so it runs in less memory as well.

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