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How to create a professional blog for free? Hello friends, do you also want to start a career by making a free blog and earning good money from it? So you are at the right place because in this article I am going to give you information about how to create a professional blog for free.

Creating any blog is quite easy but the question is whether you want to start a blog part time or permanently. Why there are such popular bloggers in the world who started a blog for part time but later they made it their career and now they are earning a lot from it.There are many platforms on the Internet for making blogs in free, where you can start blogging as per your choice, but in today’s article, I am going to tell you about the most reliable platform called Blogger.

What are blogger websites
Blogger is a platform (website) created by Google, which was started 20 years ago in 1999. Through this website of Google, you can start your blogging career for free. Although the features of using plugins and premium themes like WordPress are not available on this platform, but here are all the features provided by Google, which are enough to rank the blog you have created for free.

In order to rank the website, you must first understand how the Google search engine works, for this you must read the search engine by going to the link below –

If you have a good understanding of SEO, then without any plugin, you can set SEO of your post in blogger and rank it. In this article, I will give you a little information about creating a blog on blogger as well as the SEO settings of the post so that if you are also a beginner, then you will be able to start your blogging career well.

After knowing about the blogger platform, we get to know about what the blog is so that you do not make any mistake while writing the post after going to the blogging area.

What is Blog?
I have seen a blogger who creates and publishes blogs without writing any information about blogging and later keeps asking people on social media why my post is not getting ranked, or Why I am not getting approval from Google Adsense. To avoid this, you should have some information about what blogging is, but not in detail so that whenever you make a blog in future, then do not make any mistake.

See blog means to convey information to people. Whenever you search on Google for any information, then you see all the websites above the keyword you have searched and to get that information, you click on the link of any website and get that information.

The website on which you visit or read information on it is a blog. Giving information does not mean that you will write anything while blogging, because while searching you will only read the information of a website that is reliable and is giving you the right information. And maybe next time you will visit the same website to get information.

While blogging, always remember these things-

What you write is not a spam information or misinformation.
The information should be related to the same topic on which you are writing. That is, if you are making a post on make money, then write about it in the post so that people do not get bored while reading.
You have to maintain the length of the article, meaning each post is above 1000 words, because the more you write, the more chances of getting approval from adsense.
Before writing a post, do keyword research on the Google keyword planner about any subject you are about to write. So that you get to know about how many visits on which keyword and you can rank your post.
To get 100% Adsense approval and to know how to write the post, go to the link below and read the article.

Benefits of blogging

  1. Always remember that a blogger is the king of his mind, why he runs a kind of business, there is no pressure on him, he can invest wherever he wants, he can work when he wants. Can relax whenever he wants.
  2. You do not get as much facility while doing blogging. Here you can work according to your comfort whether you sit on the couch, sit on the bed or work outside the house.
  3. If a person does a job, then he has to go to work at that place only then he gets his work money but this is not done in blogging. Here you can make a distinct identity by earning a good amount of money sitting at home.
  4. It is not here that if you do not post a day, your income will stop. If you work while doing the job, then you get salary but in blogging even if you take a week off, your income will not be much affected. Meaning that you get money for not working in this field.
  5. In blogging, the cost is negligible because here you can earn lakhs of rupees in less time by making a blog according to your budget
  1. For any new bloggers, the owner of the post which comes in the rank is not the work of a celebrity. Because if you are growing well and earning millions, then people yearn to meet you. You must have seen an example of this on YouTube.
  2. People are always in search of new content and Google also ranks those pages whose article is unique. Therefore, a blogger always reaches his thinking to the people through a blog, this not only improves your writing, but also increases your knowledge.
  3. You can bring your thoughts in front of people. If you have a good grasp of a subject, then you can give that information to the people and give them deep knowledge related to that subject.

Now we are growing our main topic and know how to make money by making a professional blog for blogging without any cost.

How to make Professional Blog in Free 2020
To create a website on Blogger, you have to follow the steps given below carefully so that you can start your own blog and earn money.

Step 1: To start a blog, you must first login to

Official website –

After opening the blogger website, you will see the interface given in the screenshot below.

Step 2: After going to the dashboard of the website, you will see 2 options on the homepage.

Create your blog (in the middle of the homepage)
Sign in (upper right side)
You can click on any one of them because you can create a blog in both options. Here I have clicked on the option of sign in, if you want, you can also click on create your blog button.

Step 3: After clicking Sign in, you have to login with your gmail account. You login with the same account on which you want to create a permanent blog.

Step 4: After login from gmail account you will enter directly into the dashboard of the blogger where you have to create a new blog.

Step 5: On the top left side of the dashboard, you will see the option of create blog on which you have to click and create a new blog.

As you know, there are 2 modes in Blog.

New Responsive Mode
Old Classic Mode

  1. New Responsive Mode
    Whenever you create a blog on the blogger platform for the first time, then you are recommended to create a blogger blog in the new mode. So I will explain you both ways how to create a blog in these 2 modes.

Step 1: After clicking Create blog in new mode, you have to add the title of your blog first there. For example, if your blog URL address is, then your title will be DiscoverInHindi.

How to make Professional Blog in Free 2020
Step 2: After adding the title, you have to enter the domain name of the blog. You do not have to add anything here .com or .in here because you are making a blog for free, so you have to use blogger only

How to make Professional Blog in Free 2020
Note: You can later change the domain according to your own so you do not have to worry about it from now on. And it will not make much difference, you can also get your blog ranked in less time than

If the blog address is available, then your blog will be successfully created, otherwise you will have to add and save according to the domain name available.

  1. Old Classic Mode
    As the new version of Blogger is still in beta condition, so you will not see the option to choose a theme while creating a blog, but in the old classic mode, you can only choose one of the available themes while creating a blog.

How to make Professional Blog in Free 2020
In this mode you can create a blog in one step, for this you will not need to go to different pages like New mode.

In classic twist, add the title of the blog after clicking create blog.
Select any available blog address (domain name) from your Niche or Topic related.
Create a blog by choosing a theme for the blog. Click on the button.
We learned about how to make a blog in both modes here, now we also know about how to make it professional.

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How to make Blog Professional
Whenever you ever create a blog, there is a default template with it so that you cannot create a blog of your choice, whether it is on Blogger or WordPress. So you have to upload the custom template to the blog immediately after installing the blog.

Recommended SEO ready blogger template

One Press Theme
Simplify Theme
Magone Premium
Elice Blogger Template
Gooyaabi Templates
UltraLite Blogger Template
When choosing a theme, remember some important things

Theme should be lightweight which means that it does not have so many features that they affect your custom changes.
While choosing the theme, make sure that it is not heavy with malicious code. So after downloading the theme, scan it. You can use the Virus Total website to scan the file.
Theme should be professional in appearance.
The theme chosen should be mobile responsive.
Your theme should have all the options you need (Sidebar, Featured Image, Footer, Ads and SEO friendly code).
After uploading the blog template, go to the layout section and add the important things to the sidebar and footer.

Now it is the turn to add categories to the navigtion bar. For this, go to Theme> HTML editor and search for the default text in the navigation bar by pressing Ctrl + F and replace or add categories according to your Niche.

In the blog, add the related logo and Favicon Icon of your Niche or topic professionally.

Popular free logo websites:
By social sharing with counts in the blog, this will increase the chances of increasing traffic on your blog and due to increasing social share and views, your post will soon be ranked on Google. For this you can use the Sharethis website.

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