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How to Lose Weight after Having a Baby?


How to Lose Weight after Having a Baby? 

If you’ve just recently had a baby and are tired of wearing your maternity clothes and are eager to put off some weight then it may not be as difficult as it may seem. Although many mothers expect to lose all the extra gained weight right of the bat but that may not the case as it may take some time and effort but you’ll be good to go within a few months just as most women are able to within 6-12 months of post-pregnancy.
One important thing to keep in mind is that some women may say that they lost weight in 4 months while for some it may have taken 8 months that is because every body is different and you should not push yourself too hard into losing weight but let it take its time.

So let’s take a look at a few methods to attain a weight loss after baby body. 

#1:Add Exercise to your Daily Routine 

Although it can get very difficult, as you have a lot to take care of including your new born baby and his/her needs, managing a whole new routine, your post-pregnancy body
and giving your body time to recover from having given birth.

One of the methods includes adding exercise as a part of your daily routine. You should start slow such as taking a stroll with your baby on a stroller around the park, walking, running, jogging, cycling, etc. Start with a few small steps in the first few months. Although if also depends on how your body has been during pregnancy and while giving birth whether you had any complications and if your delivery happened through a cesarean section. 

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In those cases, you should not opt for the exercise option as your body already has healing to do and requires time to completely heal itself.


Breastfeeding is another natural method of putting off some calories, although this method can take time but if you let it run its course then you’d be surprised in seeing the results. When you choose to breastfeed your baby, you use up the fat cells that you gained during pregnancy along with the calories in your diet to produce milk which you feed to your baby and in doing so you tend to lose the fat and the calories while you breastfeed which in result helps in losing weight. 

Furthermore, it not only benefits you but also your baby! As it provides the required nutrients for a baby’s growth and helps strengthen their immune system while
lowering the chances of diseases in the baby. 

#3:Maintain a Healthy and Selective Diet 

Although you’ll be very tempted to magically attain a weight loss after baby body. And eating up more while likely trick your mind into thinking that you are gaining more than you are losing because of eating. But that may not be the case; keeping up with a healthier diet will in reality help you lose weight along with its additional benefits. 

 While pregnant, you may have eaten a lot more than usual for both you and your baby. But just because you have given birth does not mean that you should instantly eat less, because a proper meal fueled with nutrition is still just as important. For your baby, because you may be breastfeeding and a baby requires nutrition and gains that nutrition through breast milk and for you, because your body requires nutrition to recover

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You should add foods into your diet which are high in fiber. They aid in putting off some calories as they create a feeling of being full. To add to that; eating food which is rich in protein such as eggs, fish, nuts, meat, and dairy products. This also helps boost up your metabolism along with creating a feeling of being full. 

Moreover, you should especially eat up on a lot of plant foods as such as fruits and vegetables when you are in a mood to have a snack instead of eating unhealthy
or junk food. Eating up on unhealthy food can add up on weight instead of losing it. Lastly, limit your intake on sugary foods, junk foods, and processed foods. 

#4: DO NOT Crash Diet! 

A crash diet is a method to put off weight within a short period of time. While most mothers would be tempted to do just exactly that, it is the last thing they should be thinking of doing instead they should opt for other healthier and safer methods. 

After going through childbirth both you and your baby are highly in need of an abundance of nutrients which is the opposite of what you get when you crash diet and it will likely leave you feeling very exhausted and worn out. This is the last thing you would want to be when you have a new born baby to take care of. Not forgetting that you may already be sleep-deprived and changing your routine according to that of your baby’s. 


 Weight loss after having a baby may require a certain period of time and you may get
demotivated and disheartened very quickly but you should stay motivated after
all you are a super mom!

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How to Lose Weight after Having a Baby?



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