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How does antibiotics resistance occurs?


Antibiotics under resistance…!

Today we have diseases like diarrhea and pneumonia caused by bacteria. They do not look critically and consider their treatment easy and convenient. But these diseases were the leading cause of death before the twentieth century…!

In the late nineteenth century, a strange phenomenon occurred in the observations of scientists. When a scientist named Paul Erlach note that certain chemical dyes (dyeing dyes) gave color to certain bacterial cells but left the rest of the cells.

This was new to Paul. In this context, Paul hypothesized that such substances could be produced according to this principle which can pick and kill specific bacteria and do no harm to the rest of the cells. In 1909 Paul discovered a chemical called “arsphenamine” that was effective for a disease called syphilis. The chemical was the first modern antibiotic in the world, but Paul himself called the treatment chemotherapy. Because a chemical was used here as a medicine.


Thirty years after this discovery, a scientist named Salman Waksman has used the word antibiotic and was found to be the inventor of twenty antibiotic drugs. Then accidentally discovered the Alexander Fleming penicillin that revolutionized the history of medicine. And with the same innovation, the antibiotics became the backbone of the pharmaceutical industry!


We are often told that the abundance of anything is harmful. That’s how Alexander Fleming warned the world in 1945. When the demand for antibiotics increases, it will be used more frequently. And it will lead to resistance to overuse antibiotics …!

Lets suppose…!

A common potent antibiotic is frequently and frequently used in a common infectious disease.

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After some time, she will no longer be an effective antibiotic. Instead, it will have to use more high-powered antibiotics. Because of the overuse, antibiotics have become resistant. Several studies prove a clear relationship between the frequent use of antibiotics and the resistance of bacteria.

Bacteria inherit genes from their ancestors, but they also inherit genes from non-relatives through the plasmid. This process is called horizontal gene transfer HGT. In this process, resistant genes are also transmitted to different types of bacteria. This resistance is also caused by mutations. Despite all this, overuse of antibiotics is prohibited in the world.Indiscriminate use of antibiotics without the identification of disease increases the chances of resistance. Because when a man with diarrhea becomes an identified amoxicillin (amoxicillin) use it.

Because amoxicillin is used for pneumonia, bronchitis and other infections. Therefore, the necessary and authentic use of antibiotics will be beneficial for all of us. Otherwise we will lose this blessing soon…

How does antibiotics resistance occurs?


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