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How did the Ottoman Empire begin?


How did the Ottoman Empire begin?

(How Ottoman Empire was started)

The Ottoman Empire is not named by any race or nation but by the name of its first ruler, Sultan Usman Ghazi. It is named after Usman.Usman Ghazi’s father’s name was Ratgharlal Ghazi. At that time all the tribes who were living in the form of Turkish tribes were nomadic. Where the green area and the water were visible, the tents were encamped. One of these tribes was named Qai.
The Qai tribe was bigger and more powerful than the rest of the tribe. Suleiman Shah was the leader of this tribe. It was a very war-like tribe. The greatest purpose of the purposes of Sulaiman Shah and his tribe was the publication of Islam because it was a time when Muslims everywhere were weak workers. The Mongols were raising their heads. The Slovak Empire was nearing its fall. In these circumstances it was necessary to increase the number of Muslims. Suleiman Shah died. He had three sons. In between, son Artaghurl became the successor of his father and became the head of the tribe.

Ghazi Ghazi was a brave, fearless, warlike man. Who knew well to defend his tribe. But the time had come that the Mongols were spreading destruction everywhere. The massacre of Muslims was taking place. Genghis Khan’s armies had destroyed the Khwarizm Shah empire. Muslims were running ahead of the Mongols. In this situation, the Mughrels could not withstand the Mongols. He, along with his tribe, marched towards the Slovak Empire. There were about four hundred families with him.

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On the way he saw two armies fighting each other. He thought that someone should accompany him. He did not know whose army they were. Thinking of this, he supported the army he was defeating, and with his few soldiers made a sudden and very rapid attack on the opposing army. That army was scared and understood that they had got help from somewhere and they lost the battle.

It was later learned that the army that supported it was the army of Seljuqi Sultan Alauddin. Disagreements about the opposing army are found. For some, he was a Byzantine Christian army and often believed to be Tatar. However, the Sultan was very pleased with his bravery and gave the tribe of Arghagal a feudal estate in the area of ​​Sakariya near Anzol in his kingdom and the tribe settled there. The Sultan allowed them to conquer areas along the border and add them to the empire. This area was closely linked to the Byzantine Christian Empire. Shortly afterwards Arghagharl coined his fame and bravery. As a result of these victories, many of the remaining Turkish tribes also joined the Artaghurl and recognized it as their leader. He was fighting as the deputy of Sultan Ala-ud-din, and his power continued to grow day by day.
Arthur defeated a large army of the Byzantine Empire. Periods were constantly fought to attain this manor. In 1281, at the age of ninety-nine, Arghagharl passed away. His successor was his son Usman Ghazi. Usman was a Muslim, brave and enthusiastic like his father. He also continued the victories. Meanwhile, Sultan Aladdin Seljuqi was killed in a battle. Then his son Ghiyasuddin was also killed by the Tatars. In 1299 the Seljuk Empire was completely over. Usman Ghazi declared his sovereignty in all its territories. Thus the Ottoman Empire was established separately from the Slovak Empire. This would have been a cause for concern for the Saljuks, but they had fallen completely due to internal strife. Amir Usman Ghazi conquered many cities and castles and made Yeni city, a district of Bursa, his capital. Sultan Usman married a woman. It was Allah’s will for Sultan Usman to receive the empire and establish a strong Islamic empire. After the establishment of this empire Muslims began to unite.

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After the conquest of Bursa, Sultan Usman became ill and died in 1223 and made will for  son before he died. And Khan became Sultan and continued his father’s policy. When Sultan Usman died, the area of ​​the empire was 16,000 square kilometers. Within a century and a half, it became the world’s largest empire. Sultan Muhammad Fateh conquered Constantinople and fulfilled the Hadith of the Prophet Karim and proved his superiority.

The ninth (9th) sultanate of the Ottoman Empire, Sultan Salim I, ended the Abbasid caliphate in Egypt and declared its caliphate. He also became the Caliphate and became the first Caliph of the Ottoman Empire. The empire lasted 623 years and ended in 1922.

By the name of Sultan Usman, the empire was called the Ottoman Empire. In English it was called “Osman Empire”. In some areas people called it “Othman Empire” because of their language. Gradually it became known as “Ottoman Empire” from “Othman”. Then it became his name.

How did the Ottoman Empire begin?


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