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Corona virus and how mental health is affected

Corona Virus and Mental Health
Corona Virus and Mental Health

Corona virus and mental health

 Corona Virus!! Yes, it’s a serious virus and yes, we need to be careful and cautious. But the flood of information, dangers and rumors about it, something is not right. Frequent reading is causing mental disturbances and that in it can be a serious matter. The solution is not to ignore it or to be careless but there is a way between recklessness and even reaction. Just as there are a few tips to be wary of the Corona virus, so also to protect the mind from its incompetence.

1. Be limited to one or two good local or international sources for news so you know what’s going on. But avoid the excessive information.

2. Don’t listen to the news again and again if it was a tornado it would have been important to have a bridge collapsed, but Corvid-19 is not a tornado, a pandemic. No need to update yourself every once in a while. Recognize when it’s time to turn the news off.

3. Demonstrate social media usage. Constant comments and information will be constantly being shared on Face book or other social media feeds. Stay away from it such times are also the most fertile for rumors and false stories and social media is a great way to spread them. Be sure to test well before spreading the information yourself.

Focus on the basic needs of your life. Just as it should be done daily:

  • Sleep well
  • Eat Healthy Diet
  • Get out in the sun
  • Exercise
  • Practice worship, meditation, yoga or mindfulness so that the mind does not become involved in the thoughts of the needy.
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Lastly, be careful don’t go to crowded places, wash hands. Keep away from other people. Take care of etiquette when coughing and sneezing and cover your mouth with your elbow. Don’t get out of the house in case of a malfunction. And remember diseases are contagious, but emotions are more contagious. Try not to be nervous or carefree with the people around you. A happy life can also be spent with caution.

Corona virus and how mental health is affected


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