Artificial Intelligence

Today we will talk about Artificial Intelligence, what is the scope of what it is and what are the reasons behind the fear among people. Today I will share all these things with you in this article so that there will be no question in your mind about Artificial Intelligence.

Here I am not going to give you any technical knowledge, I am going to tell you in easy language what it is in the end, what is its type and in the companion we also have an example of very popular AI computers related to it in detail. Will know with you.

What is Artificial Intelligence?
See Artificial Intelligence means that you put the human conscience or its thinking power and decision making power in a machine, or put it in a machine body, put it in a program, then that machine is absolutely human thinking power. Will work like

Artificial intelligence in easy language is considered to be the most advanced form of computer science, because in it a mind is created in which the computer can think itself and the computer has such a brain, which can make decisions by thinking like humans.

So many times it happens that we face trouble. There are many problems in human life and according to that you decide what you should do. What should be its solution? And actually, Artificial Intelligence works in this way.

Although we know that machines mean our computers, we give them commands. We dissect what we need them to do. But in Artificial Intelligence, the machine either decides itself or decides itself what to do next.

Artificial intelligence which is also called AI in short form. To develop this further, a lot of research is going on and such machines are being made that can take a decision on their own in a perticular situation and solve a complex problem.

What is not Artificial Intelligence?
Nowadays Artificial Intelligence does not mean to analyze anything by looking at something or analyzing any visual thing. The ability to analyze this is no longer included in Artificial Intelligence.

Because now look around us, such machines have been made and you will also know about many such machines, such as, an advanced camera which automatically analyzes and automatically improves the photo accordingly.

And such cameras detect your face and take photos accordingly. But like I said, it is not called Artificial Intelligence, you have to keep this in mind.

Artificial intelligence has been placed in its category so that you can take a decision over someone, you have emotions. You can understand human speech and can share your emotions and by thinking on your own, you can take decisions in difficult situations.
In simple language, if a robot is put in front of you, then it will talk with you in the same way as your family, or your friends talk with you.

Today’s artificial intelligence is a very good thing and on top of this, self-driving cars are also being made by Google. In a car that will not need a driver, the car will run on its own, take a turn on its own, go to destination automatically and that too using GPS of GPS. But to a large extent it is still in Beta condition and research is going on. So, it has not been brought to the notice of people yet.

We take the example of India. You will know that in India there are a lot of problems in the network and in some places it does not work properly, and in such a place we bring AI cars, then GPS will not work in such a way and if GPS does not work then how will that car Decide where to go, where to take the turn.

However, there are sensors in it that can easily find the distance of distant things, where to turn, said there are traffic signals. But still it has not become a fully functioning thing.

History of AI
Artificial intelligence began in the 1950s, but it gained recognition in the 1970s.

Japan’s technology was the first to take this initiative and in 1981 launched a scheme called 5th Generation.

A 10-year program for the development of supercomputers was presented in it. After this, other countries also paid attention to this. Britain had created a project called ELVI for this. European Union countries also started a program called ‘Esprit’.

Subsequently, in 1983, some private organizations jointly formed a ‘Micro-Electronics and Computer Technology’ company to develop advanced technologies applicable to Artificial Intelligence, such as Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) circuits.

Hollywood has so far made popular films on Artificial Intelligence like Star Wars, Eye Robot, Terminator, Blade Runner, Passenger, Her, Automata. If you haven’t seen those movies yet, I would definitely advise you to watch them.

After seeing them, you can know what is Artificial Intelligence! I think you will know basic knowledge. Renowned actor Rajinikanth did a better job in the film ‘Robot and Robot 2’ in India and he is also a good example of artificial intelligence.

Types of Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is mainly divided into 4 parts. Let us look at this with an example so that you can understand it better –

Purely Reactive AI
Limited Memory AI
Brain Theory
Self Conscious AI

  1. Purely Reactive
    This is the most basic part of AI which is called purely reactive. In this type of system, only the current situation is decided and does not include the ability to use previous experiences.

For example, Deep Blue takes the game itself, it had IBM’s chess-playing supercomputer, which defeated International Grandmaster Garry Kasparov in the late 1990s, a perfect example of this type of machine.

The Deep Blue AI computer can correctly identify the pieces on the chess board and know how to play each trick. It can also make predictions about what further steps it might take for it and its rival. The game itself can understand and choose the most optimal move from the possibilities.

But it has no concept of the past, nor any memory before it. Because it currently only sees the pieces on all the chess boards because it is currently standing in front of the opponent, and so that it can possibly choose the next move from the current memory at the same time.

This type of intelligence involves the computer seeing the world directly and working on it by understanding it. It does not depend on the internal concept of the world.

In a similar second example, Google’s AlphaGo is the supercomputer, which has also defeated top experts. The neural network was used in this, and its analysis capability was much better than that of Deep Blue.

But it cannot be a participant in the AI ​​world, because it is a decade behind the kind of AI system we envision. Instead, these machines will behave the same way every time they face the same situation and can only take decisions in the present.

But in our imagination, if we want machines to truly connect with the world and respond to them, then we have to make something better.

  1. Limited Memory AI
    This kind of artificial intelligence system is much better than purely reactive because these machines can see in the past and can decide from previous memory to present.

You must have never heard of a self-driving car. These cars first observe the speed and direction of other cars and this helps them to control their speed.

But this cannot be done in just a moment, for this they should have the ability to identify specific objects. But with time, it is also being improved. It is said that even by 2040 – 50, such cars will run on roads that run by themselves without any human being.

They also include lane marking, traffic lights and other important elements, such as if there is a pothole on the road, then it will be able to take a turn on its own. Here when the car decides to change lanes, it automatically takes the decision to avoid biting the other driver or getting hit by a nearby car and also speeding up or lowering the speed in the companion Huh.

But these pieces of information about the past are only momentary. Where he recounts experiences and learns from them how to handle new situations. But even this has not been fully developed yet. Like I said above, Google and big companies are doing research on these, maybe we will be able to see it in the coming times.

  1. Brain Theory
    In psychology, it is called “theory of mind” because it is far beyond the understanding of a common man. They develop their own feelings by understanding the thoughts and feelings of people, beings and influence their own behavior.

Some examples of Aartificial Intelligence
Apart from the example of Facebook, there are other examples we are familiar with-

  • AI Sofia Robot
  • Computer gaming
  • Google Automatic page ranking algorithm
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Vision System
  • Speech Recognition
  • Intelligent robots
  • Social media monitoring
  • Travel book
  • Uber Cab Automatic Price Selection
  • Online Robot Chat
  • Google map
  • Let me tell you one more thing in the last that anything can happen but machines will never be able to do the work that humans can do.

Note that humans have created machines, machines have not created humans. On this whole earth, man is the only creature who is superior and who can do such things with his hands and feet, with his mind, which no machine and any creature can do. I have not yet thought.

I hope you have got a lot of knowledge about Artificial Intelligence. If you feel that I have not told anything or I have missed something that you know, then write in the comment so that other people also get a chance to know the use.

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