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8 Incredible scientific truths Must Read


Incredible scientific


What is amazing is that human beings have been active in
understanding our environment for thousands of years, but even if we look
around us today, mystery and beauty are in awe. Where our universe is the
source of mythology, there is nothing less than this earth and our very
existence. By nature it has hidden those wonderful phenomena that human beings
understand to be “enchanted,” yet they are like a puzzle and are in
front of us. Today we will share with you eight scientific truths that appear
to be difficult to digest:

Number 8: 

As science has evolved, we are becoming aware of how life on Earth began, today biologists seem to say that life probably began in hot springs in the depths of the ocean. In this simple beginning of life, a chemical called DNA played an important role. This
chemical is present in all organisms today, it contains hereditary genes that
are transmitted from generation to generation, whereas DNA itself is a highly
complex molecule. Assume its complexity is that DNA is wrapped like threads in
a human body, if you straighten all the DNA in your body like a thread, their
length becomes 55 billion kilometers, What is the maximum length, assuming that
the distance from Pluto to Earth is 6 billion kilometers, that is, you can wrap
our solar system 4 times with the DNA of a human, even billions of kilometers
of DNA Will have the rest!

Number 7: 

In the space of friends, objects appear to behave
strangely, because there is no air pressure along with zero gravity. For this
reason, there is a global space station at a height of 400 km from Earth, which
has been spinning around Earth ever since. Through our experiences at this
space station, we got to understand a lot about space. Further investigation
suggests that if one of the pure metals in space is brought closer, it becomes
more strongly connected to each other (as if both were). Welded). This is
because there is no air in the vacuum or a molecule that can interfere with the
metal, which causes the metal molecules to join, this phenomenon is called cold

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Number 6: 

When someone was asked a few centuries ago, what
is the smallest element on earth? So generally the word “atom” was
heard in response, but now we know that “atom” is made up of several
small particles, called “sub atomic particles”, while “sub
atomic particles” are also “quarks”. “Because we can’t
press the solid objects further, we think they can’t be further scaled down.
But modern science suggests that there is a great deal of distance between “atoms”
in solid objects and their “subatomic particles”, an atom is
99.9999999 percent empty, if you somehow suppress all atoms in humans. If you
fill in the blanks, you can fit all the humans in the world into a sugar cube.

Number 5: 

We know that when the Big Bang incident happened
14 billion years ago, as a result, clouds of hydrogen and helium existed
throughout the universe, an important question that has kept scientists alive
for a long time. How did calcium, iron and jabbage fragmentary oxygen form in
our body? Modern astronomy responded that when a star reaches its final stages
of maturity, calcium, iron and other heavy elements are at its center. I come
into existence, later when the star explodes, these elements are spread
throughout the universe, using the same mechanism. These elements also reach
the earth, so it is possible that the atoms in your right hand are formed in
the center of another star, while the atoms in the left hand are in the center
of another star.

Number 4: 

Dear Readers! We have a deep relationship with the
universe because the stars had to die for our birth, where other elements in
our bodies exist as monuments to the stars, there is one element that is
reminiscent of the Big Bang event, And that element is hydrogen, which is also
present in the rest of the Big Bang in our bodies, because the hydrogen atom is
the particle that came into being at the time of the Big Bang.

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Number 3: 

Young people born in the nineties must be familiar
with TV noise. It was common to hear strange noises when the TV was bad or
radio stations were being searched before. Have you ever wondered what this
noise is like and why it sounds? As you can tell, this noise is known as Cosmic
Microwave Background Radiations. These are actually waves that burst into the
universe three million years after the Big Bang, so you are alone in the
universe millions of light from Earth. Why not be there all year round, if you
turn on the radio, it will still hear the noise, which is why some scientists
call the waves “Big Bang Echo “says.

Number 2: 

As we understand the universe, its vastness is frightening to us, as each object travels at a certain speed, just as the universe is large enough to reach the light of other galaxies. It takes millions of years, so when you look at the universe, you are actually looking at billions / billions of years in the past, whether or not those stars / galaxies exist today, or what is the current state of the universe? do not know.

Number 1:

We know that man 51 years ago, by declining the moon, made a unique honor in human history, it is well known to the public that only Neil Armstrong arrived on the moon, but the fact is that 12 astronauts, including Neil Armstrong, were different. So far the moon has been in the missions. The footprints of those astronauts who went to the moon 5 decades ago will remain the same for the next millions of years (as long as the moon exists) because there is no air and water on the moon that will erase those traces.

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As friends, we are progressing scientifically, so we are
beginning to understand the power, we are beginning to look at the phenomena
around us in a different context. Science is beautiful and astonishing, so
science Learn yourself and teach others

8 Incredible scientific truths Must Read


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