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7 Benefits of Wearing Socks while Sleeping


The age-long argument of whether or not to wear socks while sleeping in bed is debated widely across the world. Luckily, science has an answer to it. Strange as it may seem, science suggests that wearing socks while sleeping speeds up vasodilatation. It is proven to better your sleep patterns. Wonder how? Heat conserved is redistributed to the entire body to prepare it for sleep. In short, you can avoid sleepless nights by keeping your feet cozy in woven pear socks. In case you are still not convinced, here’s a list of reasons to make you believe!

1.  Making Sleep Sound

You might worry about sleep disorders of any extent. Perhaps, you can get over the disorder by wearing socks while you sleep. Sleep disorders normally result from ineffective blood flow in the vessels. Subsequently, these disorders lead to restlessness and hot sweats. Backed by research, the consistent use of socks while sleep can regulate blood circulation and increase sleep intensity. If the blood flow is inconsistent in the legs and feet, it may lead to aching calves and discomforting soles.

2.  Warm Feet

Cold feet often resist restful sleep and disturb even blood flow in the body. For those who still feel cold under their blankets, they can wear socks to keep them warm. A good night’s sleep in the winter can be easily ensured by tugging into a woven pair of socks.

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3.  Avoiding Excess Leg Sweat

Sleep disorders trigger excessive sweating in the feet, which is also referred to as hyperhidrosis. The uncomfortable feeling of stickiness can disrupt your sleep. Excess sweat also gives out foot odors and can be conducive for bacteria and germ growth. Wearing socks to curtail sweat issues can improve your sleep cycles.

4.  Prevention from Fungi, Bacteria and Infection

Sleeping without quilts or blankets can expose your feet to dust while sleeping. The dust settles in the pores of your feet and can result in growth of fungus or bacteria. Infections like ringworm and allergies can arise too. If you live in a hot country and rarely use a blanket while sleeping, try using socks. This way you can reduce the risk of exposure to unwanted bacteria and fungi that are carried by dust particles.

5.  Prevention from Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are a growing concern especially regarding your appearance. To avoid disfiguring of the heels, a lot of women shun the use of high heels. In certain situations, cracked heels can cause pain and bleeding. Normally, cold weather and air-conditioning can worsen the tenderness of your heels. Prevent this by wearing socks all night. The socks can keep your feet warm and moist eventually removing the hard skin.

6. Smooth Limbs and Legs

Those who suffer from problems of dry and rough skin can start wearing socks while slumber. Apply some moisturizer before wearing socks. This method can rapidly transform your dead and rough skin to smooth and supple within days of consistent use. The technique can also get you rid of foot odors.

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7. Reduction in Raynaud’s Symptoms

Frequent instances of hands and feet getting cold could be a symptom of Raynaud’s disease. This condition affects the vessels under the skin. These symptoms are highly evident when a person feels cold or is stressed out. During an attack, the blood flow to the hands and feet is lowered and as a result, numbness occurs. The color of the hands and feet can turn to white or blue. People experiencing these attacks for the first time in their life should consult doctors. Wearing socks can dramatically reduce symptoms and regulate blood flow through vessels.
Temperature regulation is an essential part of sleep cycles. Wearing socks to the bed can help augment blood flow to the feet and reduce heat loss through the skin. In short, you can fall asleep faster. For similar reasons, wearing socks can also assist with Raynaud’s symptoms and hot flushes in women going through menopause.
7 Benefits of Wearing Socks while Sleeping


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