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5 Best Alternatives of Netflix


Netflix is the ideal and supreme place to watch movies, shows, TV series, documentaries and whatever you want. Netflix was launched in August 1997 and now at this time there are 1.5 billion visits per month on it. Netflix is  immensely highly-watched video streaming series globally .

If you are looking for the Netflix’s alternatives then you are here at the unerring page to find out that what you desire. As Netflix is breaking all records with time, many other websites has come forward in order to compete it.

You must be familiar with the video-streaming  websites despite of Netflix as you may not be deceived by fake or illegal websites that make fool to people.So here are the list of the five best alternatives of netflix. Select the best according to your choice. 

●   Amazon Video prime
●   Hotstar
●   Hulu
●   Sony Crackle
●   HBO Now 

1.  Amazon Video Prime:

Amazon Video Prime is the foremost video streaming app after Netflix. It is an on demand service which is operated by Amazon. It was launched in September 2006.


●     It provides webseries, TV Shows, TV channels, TV serials and much more content that are award-winning are totally in accordance to the customer’s taste and desire.
●    It accomodates with the exigent streaming of  your tagged videos, webseries and movies without any extra charges.
●    It is the best alternative of Netflix with it’s 150 million active subscribers world wide.

  • The growth of their content is really impressive.
  • It serves on world widely range and possess some specific rights.
  •  It gives you different options like setting the video quality and customizing the captions etc.
  • Their programs are classified into different categories on the basis of languages, genre and nature.

 If you want to watch your favourite movies and shows on regular basis then it is the best alternative to be choose.

●    Properties of Amazon Prime Video:

  1.  It updates the latest shows and movies on the regular basis.
  2. There is a huge amount of regional content.
  3. They also have content for kids.
  4. It gives you options to set the quality of video and caption.
  5. It is an original series.

2.  Hotstar:

If you love to watch Indian drama and entertainment content then Hotstar is the best choice to pick. It is  one of the most famous entertainment service among all web series. Hotstar is not only popular but also an on-demand video streaming site. It had launched in February, 2015 under STAR INDIA but nowadays it is being managed by NOVI DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP. It has more than 350 million above users.

●   Offerings:

  • They offer free as well as paid subscriptions.
  • It offers a huge collection of movies, cartoons, it’s own web series, live TV shows and channels and much more.
  • The premium account of Hotstar has much to offer than the free one.
  • It offers top Indian dramas as well as Soap Operas which makes it a unique platform for the top-notch Indian entertaining content.

Properties of HOTSTAR:

  • It gives simple UI.
  • It provides numerous Indian movies.
  • It also displays Dramas and Soap Operas.
  • It gives you choice to set the quality of the video according to your will.
  • It comes up with the options of settings of subtitle support.

3.  HULU

Hulu is a recompense subscription based video deluging service. It’s current owner are Disney and Comcast. It is a well liked video streaming platform . It has now reached up to above 4 million subscribers.You can avail the choice to access all  of its  premium content after having the premium subscription.


  • It offers TV serials, movies, TV series, it’s own web series and much more to watch.
  • It offers above 150 movies and  top-notch TV shows.
  • Hulu strives as a combination of both Netflix and Sling TV by providing the TV shows as well as LIVE TV channels.
  • The price may vary according to the content.
  • Content with adds are less costly while content without adds gives you live channels with high cost.
  • Usually it’s price starts with $ 7.99.

Properties of HULU :

  • It provides more than 150 movies as well as TV shows.
  • It comes up with LIVE TV Channels.
  •  It is an HD streaming web series.
  • It proves itself to be one of the best alternative of NETFLIX.
  • It provides many dedicated mobile apps.

4.    Sony Crackle:

Sony Crackle is one of the well-known video streaming webseries hence gives you much to watch playing the role of one of the best alternative of Netflix. It is driven by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

It had set in motion in july 2007 by a self-reliant company and Crackle service acquired by the Soul Entertainment and Sony Pictures Television Company.

The video streaming of Sony Crackle is to hand in 21 countries.

It possess above than two6 Million subscribers. It has partnershiped with a lot of famous production houses like 20th  century FOX, Walt, MGM, WB, Disney company, Lionsgate, Paramount Pictures, Funimation, and Village Roadshow Entertainment.

●    Offerings:

  • It offers both free and paid subscription into the bargain.
  • Once you lay hold of a  premium subscription then afterwards you will be able to enjoy all the premium attributes.
  • It offers a variety of  online movies and TV shows.
  • It gives you an ease of watching movies without even subscribing.
  • You can surely trust Sony which is having a large range of movies.
  • It features a prime and quality content to watch on huge screens.

Properties of Sony Crackle:

  •  It has a colossal collection of Movies from diverse production houses.
  • It provides free movies without even subscription.
  • It gives a good quality video streaming.
  • It has a simple interface.
  • It is a dedicated Mobile App.

5.  HBO Now:

HBO Now is an as-required video streaming web series based on subscriptions. It is managed by American Premium Television Network HBO. It had begun in April 2005. It has  more than 5 million subscribers.It is an autonomous service providing prime content. HBO Now is an exquisite option to pick. It provides it’s customers with the best of HBO Studio and partner’s content regarding entertainment possible.


●     You can watch live TV Series, TV Channels  shows and appreciably more premium content.It has substantial choices of movies and TV Shows as Barry, Game of Thrones and West World.

  • It has substantial choices of movies and TV Shows as Barry, Game of Thrones and West World.
  • This web series has a massive organization of documentaries, comedy shows and movies.
  • It regularly updates it’s content.
  • HBO Now offers  1month free trial.
  • It usually costs $ 14.99.
  • It has no hidden charges.

Properties of HBO Now:

  • It entertains famous movies and TV Shows.
  • It offers one month of trial for absolutely free.
  • It has HD quality.
  • It has an ingress to HBO Original Series.
5 Best Alternatives of Netflix


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