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21 Questions Answer about corona virus 2020


US and European experts have been asked and given answers from around the world about the Corona virus. The questions and answers for the awareness of all people are described below.

Families and family

Question: Can Corona Virus Affect Children?

Answer: Although the corona virus is infecting most adults, it can also affect children. If someone in the household suffers from it, both the child and the elderly can become ill.

Question: What is the Corona virus and what is it for older people?

Answer: Experts are especially concerned about people 60 years of age or older. According to the US Agency for CDC, people 60 years of age or older who suffer from respiratory and cardiovascular diseases can suffer from the corona virus. Therefore, precautionary measures are very important for these elders.
However, it is also true that 90-year-olds have recuperated after being infected with the Corona virus in China.

Question: Are there any particular risks to children?

Answer: Surprisingly, children and adolescents are largely infected with the Corona virus and have rarely been seen. According to US doctor and author Sanjay Gupta, although the baby is not suffering from the disease, it is also possible that the virus is present in them without making them sick and other people may suffer from coronary flu. However, this is a new virus and requires a lot of research.

Question: Is the Corona virus more dangerous for pregnant women?

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Answer: The answer is that its data is not available yet because it is a new virus. However, its attack on older people has been finalized.

However, according to the CDC, premature births have been seen in mothers infected with the corona virus. But the reason for this cannot be definitively attributed to Corona.

Question: What if a loved one is affected?

Answer: In any case do not go to this family or step into these houses. If anyone in the house is affected, contact the authorized agencies immediately. Avoid having shared bedrooms and bathrooms as well. Wash hands thoroughly with antibacterial liquids, alcohol sanitizers and soaps. Also refrain from exiting.

Jobs and jobs

Question: I am healthy but do I start to feel isolated?

Answer: It depends on you.People over the age of 60 who are ill or suffer from a dementia may be at higher risk of being infected with the Corona virus. It is important for such people to be confined to their homes and to avoid going to a suspicious location. This is why curfew is locked in many countries.

Similarly, if you return from a virus-infected country or region, you must remain confined to your home for 14 days.

Question: What do I do with public transport?

Answer: Take every precaution in public transport. New York University professor Robin Gershon says that either wears gloves or put a tissue bag on the bus poles and put your hand on it. Put sanitizer in your bag and wash your hands as you get off the bus.Then go home to wash your hands thoroughly with soap. If you are waiting for the bus, stand away from the crowd and stay away from people if the bus is in place.

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Corona virus cod19 symptoms
cod19 symptoms

Question: What is the ruling on attending wedding ceremonies and public gatherings?

Answer: First of all try to not go there because the corona can be affected. On the other hand, many events have also been canceled in Pakistan. If necessary, wash your hands frequently and take sanitizers.

Question: What are the precautions at the office and workplace?

Answer: In Pakistan too, schools are closed while normal offices are open. Accept if the company asks you to work from home. Keep distance from employees in the office, keep a water bottle private and have sanitizers.

Question: Where is it going that the increase in heat over the next few months could reduce the corona virus burden?

Answer: The US president has also said that the heat could break the virus. Scientists think this will be a slight reduction. However, Harvard University expert Dr. Mark Lepp says the truth is that it does not diminish the virus’s ability to infect others.


Question: What are the precautions if an aircraft is traveling?

Answer: There is no need to worry about the air in the cabin of the airplane but insist on keeping your hands clean while traveling. Airport churches, airplane toilets and other locations can be very dirty and contaminated with corona, says Dr. Chard Daud, a travel medicine specialist in the United States. Immediately wash your hands with soap as soon as you touch them.Before leaving the airport, buy lots of wipes, pre-prep tissues and put them in a handbag. Be aware that they must contain a significant amount of alcohol.

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In many airlines the air is filtered and the risk of spreading the virus is low so don’t be alarmed. It is important to try to keep away from the coughing and sneezing passengers.

symptoms of corona virus

Question: What are the early symptoms of corona virus?

Answer: fever, dry cough and difficulty breathing. These are common symptoms of being infected with the virus. Symptoms may appear from two days to two weeks after the virus is infected. But the alarming thing is that some patients do not even have the initial symptoms. The corona virus spreads through coughing, sneezing and spitting.

Question: Can the corona virus penetrate into the skin?

Answer: The answer is also affirmative, but there is a way. Corona-infected individuals should first touch a site where the virus is present. Then, if he gets eyes, touches his nose or touches his tongue or lips, then the corona virus can reach the lungs through the respiratory tract.

cod19 symptoms

21 Questions  Answer about corona virus 2020


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